MTL can provide project management from small national projects to large international campaigns. Our team have experience managing recruitment processes in excess of 30 countries. Each providing their unique challenges to factor into a robust project plan. Strong planning is critical to ensure activity levels are maintained with multiple channels being exploited to attract the best talent. Key projects have been delivered in both established and emerging markets, in a cross section of industries. Integrity, transparency and partnership have proven key in all the projects our teams have delivered and will continue to remain so.
    The backbone to our Talent Strategy Consultancy is our 15 point talent audit, the outcome of which is a bespoke talent strategy roadmap. This is broken down to 4 vital elements. 1) ATTRACT 2) PROMOTE 3) ENGAGE 4) MEASURE The success of this audit is based around the flexibility, providing clients with a full strategy audit or focusing on particular key elements. Internal mobility, direct hiring, EVP, employer brand, social media strategies, D&I and quality of hiring remain top of mind for most clients. However a real focus on all element of this strategy enhances all elements and allows for maximum efficiencies. These efficiencies are delivered primarily through process improvements and initiatives. Though as a secondary benefit cost per hire is also significantly reduced.
    Our Recruitment Strategy Consultancy Team focus primarily on outsourced relationships. This service is broken down into two distinct parts. MAKING THE DECISION TO OUTSOURCE & MEASURING THE PERFORMANCE 1) MAKING THE DECISION - -Provide consultancy services from the conception of the decision to outsource - by defining the exact specification of requirements we empower clients to have a truly independent measured assessment of potential providers. -Review and selection of RPO providers - particularly pertaining to bespoke requirements dependant upon our client's lifecycle within their RPO journey. -Manage the full implementation of the RPO solution. Ensuring maximum engagement and early success. 2) MEASURING PERFORMANCE AND ENHACING RELATIONSHIPS - A key strength is our reporting suite, critical in strengthening supplier (RPO) / client relationships - through performance diagnostics and remediation plans - providing alignment of desired behaviours and outcomes. Thus ensuring a mutual benefit from the relationship. This is a vital dynamic to ensure a healthy vendor and supplier partnership - providing a competitive advantage.